Public Policy Campaign Services

Intelligence gathering, strategy and message testing before the campaign begins

To win in the public policy arena, it is necessary to know your battleground and opponents as intimately as possible. Groundswell Communications can provide the information, intelligence gathering, and strategic overview needed to position your forces where you want them before the campaign begins. Groundswell’s upfront approach enables us to keep traditional and non-traditional allies at your disposal, prescreened and qualified, and with a clear understanding of what their motivations are and how they can be utilized to help you.

By developing your strategies in advance, you have the ability to refine your method and message through testing before it’s released to the general voting public. The result is a more effective and credible coalition advocating a consistent position from the very beginning of the fight.

We are experienced in knowing how to integrate all of the components of a successful public affairs campaign – lobbying, public relations, advertising, and advocacy.