Cultivate a more personal relationship with constituents

Groundswell Communications can help make your franking budget go further through the use of member-recorded phone calls as an alternative to conventional franked correspondence. Franked phone calls are a widely used substitute for traditional franked mailings — all the same rules apply to both types of communication, but the advantages are much greater with calls.

Franked phone calls offer a level of specificity in your target audience that is unattainable through traditional franked mailings. Additionally, phone campaigns can be arranged in a much shorter span of time than mail pieces, and they can be completed in a matter of hours. Unlike mailings, phone calls have an easily definable contact rate, and results can be discerned almost immediately.

When using phones, messages are not only more personal because they are delivered with the member’s own voice, but also they are more successful. Members reach more people and communicate more effectively via the phone.