Initiative and Referendum Support

Tactical advice for supporting or defeating voter initiatives

Interest groups and activists increasingly use the initiative process to gain momentum and circumvent their elected representatives. At the same time, legislators are referring a greater number of controversial issues directly to voters through referenda.

The team at Groundswell Communications have become experts at all phases of initiative campaigns – signature gathering, challenge processes, and waging the campaign. These abilities are designed to take a specific, tailored message and deliver it, persuasively and often, to strategically targeted voters and opinion leaders — including potential allies and opponents.

We will put the team together. We will keep the team on track. We can help you define the message, choose the targets, and design a delivery system that will move enough voters to be successful. The techniques employed by Groundswell Communications are unmatched in their ability to target a specific audience and wage a campaign designed to affect public opinion and influence voter behavior on behalf of our clients.